Introducing Gabriela, a dedicated Performance Coach at Arise Center for Athletic Development. A Jupiter, FL native, Gabriela’s journey is steeped in sports and community. With a nine-year history in lacrosse, including playing for her local high school, Jupiter Community High School, her passion for athletics is evident. Transitioning to Palm Beach State College and later Florida Gulf Coast University, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science in 2022.

Gabriela’s pursuit of knowledge doesn’t stop there; she aspires to acquire her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in the future. Growing up among three older brothers, her desire to engage in every sport they played ignited her versatile athleticism. This diverse background ranges from baseball and soccer to volleyball and cheerleading, but her primary love remains lacrosse.

Beyond her athletic endeavors, Gabriela’s innate ability to connect with people shines. She believes in treating individuals holistically, transcending the client-coach dynamic. Alongside her passion for sports, she treasures quality time spent with her family. Nature is her sanctuary; whether it’s the beach, the boat, or the vast expanse of the ocean, Gabriela finds inspiration and rejuvenation in the great outdoors.