You've Got Questions



At ARISE you receive an authentic experience from a respected staff that bonds integrity in their craft. They support your goals with an education backed decision making process.

At ARISE, all programming is written for each client, you cannot come in the gym and do your own programming.

Certainly! At ARISE, we proudly offer Rehabilitation Services tailored to your needs. Our team possesses the essential knowledge and expertise to guide you towards a swift and effective recovery. You can trust us to provide comprehensive support and assistance on your journey to rehabilitation.

Our facility is clinically supervised, meaning that on site we have a medical director that is there to assess and process the health needs of the clients. Clinical care is offered in partnership with Arise Neuromuscular to give top notch care to those with Premium Packaging. Our on site physical therapists are used as referral sources for chronic pain, acute injury, post op care, and continued education. All services are cash based.